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Q. What is Reiki?

A. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation, and energy balancing that supports healing.  In the practice of Reiki this life force energy is utilized for energy balancing via an in-person or long-distance treatment.

Q.  What does Reiki feel like?

A.  Reiki is transmitted through a very light touch and is deeply relaxing.  Many people report that Reiki is more relaxing and centering than massage and almost dreamlike.  Most of my clients report feeling lighter and happier with any issues dramatically reduced.

Q.  What is Distance Reiki?

A.  Distance Reiki (or remote or absentee) healing is when a Reiki practitioner sends healing energy towards an individual, group, event, or situation in the past, present or future.

Q.  How do I prepare for a Reiki Session?

A.  You will remain clothed for the entire Reiki session so wear comfortable clothing.  Your shoes will be the only item you will remove.  Cell phone will be turned off so there will be nothing disturbing your relaxation.  Reiki energy goes where it is needed so setting an intention prior to the session is recommended.

Q.  Is Reiki safe?

A.  Yes.  Because there is nothing about a Reiki session that can interfere with conventional medical care, Reiki has no known contraindications and can be used concurrently with any medical intervention.  Reiki will not override the action of medical interventions, but rather support the patient while he or she goes through them, restoring balance in body, mind, and spirit to the degree possible.

Q.  How can Reiki help me?

A.  People use Reiki to relax and strengthen their wellbeing; reduce pain, anxiety, and fatigue; help manage symptoms; reduce side effects of medications; and support recovery after injuries or surgery.    

Frequently Asked Questions

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